Using the ancient art of divining, the mission of Geopathic Stress Busters is to help bring harmony and balance to your homes and businesses.

Did you know ….

Scientist from USA Health Society studied over 25,000 people with ill health & found that the following groups are Geopathically stressed (GS)

100% of people who get Secondary Cancer
95% of people who get Cancer were sleeping and /or working in a GS place before or at the time the cancer was diagnosed
95% of children who are hyperactive, have Learning Disabilities or are difficult to control
80% of Divorces are by one or both partners being GS
80% of couples who cannot have babies, one or both are GS
80% of women who have a miscarriage
70% of M.E sufferers
70% of people who are allergic to food/drink
80% of cot deaths

These harmful energies called Geopathic Stress (GS) can come from multiple sources and can have a detrimental effect on your immune system if exposed to them for prolonged periods.

Clearing this GS can improve the symptoms you have as a result of being GS or prevent you from getting GS in the future.

Through the use of divining tools, e.g., a pendulum, sources of harmful energy anywhere in the world can neutralised and balance restored to the property, land, and people who live there. A very powerful dowsing technique is used to accomplish this and people report that their home feels cleaner and they feel more at home. Most people report sleeping better and having more energy.

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